Co daje ozonowanie powietrza?

What does air ozonation give?

What does air ozonation give? Disinfection with ozone is a relatively new technology that has started to be used recently, but nevertheless it is becoming more and more in demand.

Its importance lies in the treatment of air with ozone – this is done to eliminate unpleasant odors, allergens and other such factors that can become a source of discomfort or have a negative impact on health.

Natural disinfection of private homes and company facilities

It is worth getting acquainted with the issue in more detail – what gives air ozonation, what are the features and specificity of this process, and how useful it is for people. Before discussing what ozonation of rooms gives, it is worth talking about the nature and properties of ozone. en gas, discovered over 200 years ago and having a completely natural origin.

It is formed during a thunderstorm when electrical discharges pass through the air and break its molecules into atoms. These atoms form compounds with whole oxygen molecules, resulting in a new substance, ozone.

It is a bluish gas with a distinctive fresh odor that has been shown to have incredibly strong disinfecting properties. Thanks to this, it can be used to destroy pathogenic bacteria, allergens and harmful insects.

To obtain this gas in an amount sufficient to clean the living space, special devices are used – ozonators. These devices are perfect for ozonizing the apartment and the office, protecting household members and employees from frequent infections.

Advantages of ozonator disinfection

If the main differences between ozonation of rooms and conventional ventilation are taken into account, then first of all the focus should be on efficiency. Simply opening the window allows fresh air into the room, which is certainly useful, but does not solve the problem of disinfection at all.

After airing, they do not disappear:

  1. Mold spores
  2. Pathogenic bacteria
  3. Viruses
  4. Pathogenic microorganisms
  5. Unpleasant smells
  6. Tobacco smoke

The benefits of air ozonation are much more significant, using this treatment you get a number of benefits:

  1. Efficiency is twice as high as chlorine disinfection
  2. The ozonator helps to destroy unpleasant odors, harmful insects, allergens, pathogenic bacteria and other such factors
  3. Using ozone, you can get rid of dust particles and mites suspended in the air
  4. People, animals and potted plants do not suffer as a result of a properly performed procedure.

It is especially important to use ozonation of the apartment or office where air conditioners and heaters operate. Passing through air conditioners and heaters, the air loses oxygen, there are more toxic components, because the air is not renewed.

Air conditioners themselves are a source of pollution and contamination because of the humidity, germs and bacteria multiply very quickly in them. Many people know the syndrome of closed rooms, when headaches, fatigue, frequent colds appear.

Can ozone disinfection be harmful?

Many people considering the possibility of installing an ozonator at home have many questions about the safety of this procedure. For example, how ozonation of the apartment affects the organisms of people and animals and whether you can stay indoors during office disinfection with ozone. Companies professionally dealing with air ozonation use professional ozonators and use safe concentrations of ozone.

Important! Regular breathing of concentrated ozone is really dangerous, among the possible consequences are such unpleasant diseases as atherosclerosis and infertility. However, in order to avoid them, it is enough to carry out air treatment without the presence of people and animals, and after its completion, do not forget about ventilation.

By following the basic rules of room ozonation, all possible threats are completely eliminated, while achieving high efficiency.

What are the steps of the ozone disinfection procedure?

There is a standard scheme recommended to anyone who uses an ozonizer for disinfection – it consists of the following steps:

      • Preparation – before proceeding with the ozonation of the room, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the room, after which it should be ventilated, dried and the temperature should be lowered.
      • Insulation – before turning on the device, all indoor plants must be taken outside, people and animals must leave the room and all doors and windows must be closed.
      • The last stage – after turning off the device, open all windows and doors for 10-30 minutes (depending on the size of the room) for ventilation.

In order for the ozonation procedure of offices and homes to bring the expected result and not harm your health, it is worth using the services of companies proven on the market. They are equipped with ozone generators that protect the environment as they do not release toxic residues into the air.

The ozonator cleans the air of unpleasant odors, mites, pollen and mold. Disinfects and deodorizes. The germicidal effect of ozonation for 10 minutes is identical to the effect of an hour of operation of a quartz lamp. When ozonizing the room, the gas has a bactericidal effect on Staphylococcus aureus, cholera pathogens, typhoid fever, dysentery, plague, etc.

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