Wybieramy się na wczasy po Polsce!

We are going on holiday in Poland!

We are going on holiday in Poland! Who didn’t wait until June and the last bell as a child? As soon as we were let out of the school walls, we ran home like mad, clutching certificates in our hands. We knew that we had almost three months of peace and fantastic fun.

Our heads needed some rest after such a long time, they had to empty themselves of the knowledge they had already acquired. Why couldn’t it be the same now, when we go to work every day and spend eight hours at it?

When we go on vacation, many of us dream of locking ourselves in our own room and not leaving until we return. However, there are people who pack their backpacks – after all, they are going on holiday and not just anywhere – you praise someone else’s, you don’t know your own – in Poland!

Holidays by the Polish seaside

There is no need to talk much about what is worth seeing in our country, but we will definitely tell each other about it. Let’s first imagine this scenario: under our back we feel the softness and velvet of yellow sand. The salty sea breeze leaves a delicate trace on the skin.

Yes, holidays on the Baltic Sea sound simply phenomenal. It is true that some people are of the opinion that it is a very expensive pleasure, but this is an individual assessment of the situation. The Baltic Sea is not more expensive than other European seas. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but most of all it has this amazing touristic atmosphere. Whenever we don’t come to the seaside, we just have to try fried fish (even if it’s an Atlantic fish, because a prudent cook will decide that Poles don’t like any other fish), eat corn and ice cream on the beach, go to an amusement park and spend holidays on a ship .

These are the things that we remember from childhood and that come back to us when we embark on an adult adventure. This time, holidays mean freedom from what we were not allowed to do before.

Or maybe Lower Silesia?

Another great place to see is Lower Silesia. How much good can be said about those post-German castles. For example, the Piast Grodziec, where tournaments and various thematic events are often organized.

This Piast castle is very popular because it is relatively unspoilt – apart from the fact that antennas protrude from one tower, the whole looks as if it stopped in time a thousand years ago. There is a certain magic in it, as in the whole Land of Extinct Volcanoes anyway. Nearby is Złotoryja, where rumor has it that gold was once mined. Every year there are washings of this ore.

Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

Of course, we cannot forget about Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska. This place is extremely popular with trappers and climbers. This is because the multitude of rocks found there has always fascinated people who liked geology. Holidays in Jura also mean the possibility of visiting more castles, tasting delicious cuisine and taking a deep breath on long walks in the local forests.

Our cities, of course, are also noteworthy. Many people praise Krakow and it’s no wonder. This is where the Wawel Castle, the Wawel Dragon, the Vistula River are located … holidays in the south of Poland are a great opportunity to see things we have not seen before.

We can be quite pleasantly surprised when it turns out that there is also something nice to see in Tarnów or Nowy Sącz. We can also take a ride in the equally attractive Gorka.

Polish mountains

Since we are already in the south of Poland, let’s not forget about our mountains. Holidays in Zakopane are a great idea, especially if we decide to actively experience them. Of course, there is a difference between spending them in winter and summer.

Winter holidays mean skiing, lots of fun and snow pranks. We will also eat delicacies of the local cuisine – sour soup, oscypek cheese and other delicacies.
And in the summer? Holidays in Zakopane, when it’s warm, mean long walks in the mountains. Regardless of the season, however, we must remember about our safety – even highlanders know that the Tatra Mountains can be treacherous.

It will not be a good idea for an inexperienced traveler to choose unknown trails, unless he wants to have an unforgettable holiday with TOPR in the background.

Masurian lakes

Of course, Poland has many other beautiful places. Sailing fans go, for example, to Masuria, where they can spend a fantastic time on sailboats. Holidays by the lake are a real pleasure, but they are not only in the north-east.


We also have quite a lot of them in the vicinity of Poznań, and this place is worth visiting, if only because of the beautiful Old Town or the opportunity to see the International Fair.

What to choose?

So how do you decide to go on holiday in your own country? Ha, it’s not an easy task. First, let’s verify what we really expect from rest. If we mainly want to lie down, it is obvious that we choose the sea or lakes. When we want to spend time more actively, we go hiking and climbing Jurassic rocks.

If we want a historical trip, we do holidays in castles. Not only in Lower Silesia – every Pole should probably visit the legendary Malbork. From there it is not so far to the beautiful old Toruń, which will charm everyone who enters it.

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