Thermoactive underwear – not only for athletes

Thermoactive underwear – not only for athletes. For many years, thermoactive underwear has become fashionable on the clothing market. It is often confused with thermal underwear (or both names are used interchangeably) and in common meaning it means clothing whose task is to provide the body with warmth.

Before making a purchase, you need to distinguish between these two concepts so as not to spend money unnecessarily and not be disappointed.

Thermal underwear is designed to increase the body’s heat, i.e. protect it from cooling down. A good example here are thermal blankets used in rescue services, i.e. a special foil that prevents heat loss through evaporation and protects from the wind.

Thermal underwear performs a similar function, but of course it is not sewn from silver rescue foil. The weave and the materials used do not allow steam to escape and are not airy, so the body does not lose the generated heat and accumulates it.

Functionality of thermoactive underwear

The basic task of thermoactive underwear is to ensure the thermal balance of the body that is in motion. The special composition of materials from which thermoactive underwear is sewn makes the body, on the one hand, protected against wind and cold, and on the other hand, it does not overheat, allowing moisture to be drained to the outside.

During intense activity, a person warms up a lot. The body’s defense against overheating is the secretion of sweat, i.e. the natural regulator of body temperature in motion. If sweat cannot evaporate properly, it overheats. If, on the other hand, sweat secreted outside is absorbed by a highly hygroscopic material, then it, in turn, becomes very cold and, sticking to the body, forms a cold layer.

A good example are children’s scarves covering their faces, which in winter are covered with a layer of cold frost and instead of protecting, they cool the child’s respiratory system, causing colds.

Fabrics from which thermoactive underwear is sewn have been developed in accordance with all the needs of people actively practicing sports, including the level of activity and the season.

In addition, this type of underwear prevents the unpleasant smell of sweat. This is possible thanks to the enrichment with silver and copper compounds, which also have antibacterial properties.

Bamboo fibers, cotton, nylon, polyester and elastane are used for the production of thermoactive fabrics. A special weave, with the so-called 3D channels allow moisture to escape and thus allow the skin to breathe properly. Some people jokingly call 3D channels sweat channels of sports underwear. Regardless of the level of activity, an athlete’s skin should stay dry.

For weather and bad weather

Contrary to popular opinion, thermoactive underwear is not only intended for cold days of the year. We also sweat in the summer, especially in motion. No one has ever seen a professional runner and cyclist who would compete half-naked or clad in loose, airy T-shirts. Summer underwear is thinner and slightly looser, because there is no need for additional warmth and protection from the wind, but it is still designed to keep the skin dry and wick sweat away.

In moderately cold temperatures, underwear should be slightly thicker to provide better protection against wind and better regulate body temperature.
A wide group of buyers of thermoactive underwear are people practicing winter sports and physically active even on frosty days.

For this time of year, you should buy thick thermoactive underwear, sewn from fabrics with a tight weave.

It is skiers’ favorite underwear because it not only protects against heat loss and prevents perspiration, but is also relatively thin, so there is no need to wear multiple layers of warm clothing under the ski suit.

Not only for athletes

Many people who practice sports moderately use all the advantages of thermoactive underwear. These are all people who work outdoors or those who are afraid of getting cold quickly and spend a lot of time outdoors on cold days.

The great advantage of underwear is its thinness and quick drying as well as flexibility, i.e. resistance to permanent stretching. Hence the wide interest in such clothes other than athletes.

Like a second skin

It is extremely important to choose the right size of thermoactive underwear. It should fit the body like a second skin. It cannot be too loose, because then it loses many of its qualities. However, not everyone feels good in tight clothing, so choosing a size is quite an individual feature.

Properties of underwear – e.g. high flexibility mean that the “second skin” does not cause any discomfort to anyone.
Many companies sew thermoactive clothing using a seamless system or use flat seams. This method of sewing does not leave characteristic seam marks on the skin and does not cause pressure on other elements of clothing.

Before buying, think carefully about where and when you will use thermoactive underwear. Certainly the most helpful will be the seller who will help you choose the right type of underwear for the season, type of activity and figure.

If you buy online, be sure to read the information about the composition, thickness and recommendations.

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