Postgraduate studies as a proven way to improve qualifications

Postgraduate studies as a proven way to improve qualifications. Postgraduate studies have been very popular among the society for many years. In the past, their listeners were usually people between 35 and 40 years old. This was due to the fact that people at this age most often faced the desire to change their job for the better.

Promotion in extremely many cases is associated with the need to improve one’s qualifications. Employers demand that people employed in their companies represent the best possible values, especially if their ambitions go much higher when it comes to the position they hold.

Interestingly, currently postgraduate studies arouse interest also among recent university graduates. They are usually driven by a constant desire to learn and broaden their horizons, as well as enabling themselves to quickly succeed in their professional career. Teachers also decide to continue their education in this way.

In connection with the education reform in Poland, school principals have increased the requirements for staff. Teachers who want to continue their profession are somehow forced to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Who can go to postgraduate studies?

Postgraduate studies are a solution for everyone who can boast of a bachelor’s or master’s degree. This form of continuing education is an excellent alternative to doctoral studies. “Post-graduate” may also be a good option for people who want to change industries, because it is a stable foundation for acquiring a new specialization, and thus a profession.

However, it should be remembered that completing postgraduate studies is tantamount to receiving a certificate confirming this fact. Some are convinced that their efforts will be rewarded with a diploma, just like in the case of a master’s or bachelor’s degree.

Unfortunately – each of these people is wrong and it is worth realizing that. This way of continuing education lasts at least two semesters. It turns out that a year or two is enough time to learn a lot of interesting things and acquire useful skills.

Educated and highly qualified staff is nowadays highly appreciated by employers. This is another of the many reasons why postgraduate studies are a good and extremely profitable investment in your self-development. In a large number of cases, they are a pass to promotion, which makes them an excellent means of achieving success on the career path.

Where can postgraduate studies be conducted?

Pursuant to the current regulations, classes organized as part of postgraduate studies may be conducted by a university, the Scientific Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Research Institute and the Medical Center for Postgraduate Education.

It is also worth knowing that each university may only undertake courses that are related to the subject of at least one bachelor’s or master’s degree studies. Each time a university wants to introduce a new major, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the Minister of Education. Moreover, in such cases it is also required to consult the opinion of the RGNiSzW and receive a positive answer.

Each unit conducting studies should also be able to determine what effects postgraduate students can count on. It is also important whether the university provides a method of verifying students’ knowledge, and whether it keeps appropriate documentation of their actions.

Financing postgraduate studies – practical information

Public universities can usually count on subsidies from the state budget. Usually, such support is directly related to post-graduate education of medical graduates, including dentists, veterinarians, nurses and pharmacists, and people involved in laboratory diagnostics.

There are also many EU projects aimed at broadening the horizons of people who have completed higher education. Fees can therefore often be reimbursed from state or international funds. Just read the details of this topic carefully and choose the best option for you.

The case of continuing education at public universities is slightly different. Prices of postgraduate studies and training courses in such places are usually quite high. Typically, you are responsible for paying for privately provided educational services. In some cases, they may be financed with corporate funds. This is the case when the employer requires the employees to acquire additional qualifications.

Such actions usually lead to a promotion, so it is not difficult to conclude that they are quite a profitable venture. In fact, any form of investing in developing your knowledge and skills can be considered a very good decision. However, before that, you should know the details of all available options.

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