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How many roof trusses?

How many roof trusses? Roof repairs and maintenance are a must, and a well-maintained roof will keep you warm and dry for decades. However, sometimes you can take over a property where the roof is nearing the end of its life or needs more extensive repairs; this may be due to water and moisture ingress or storm damage.

The roof truss may need to be replaced to make your property safe again. Roof truss replacement costs do not exceed PLN 2,000 for a single truss, but it is best to talk to a local roofer to get a more accurate cost. Truss trusses, the price will then be precisely determined and the owner will not be afraid of hidden costs.

What is a roof truss?

Roof trusses are part or all of the timber structure that supports the roof, other terms that are used interchangeably to refer to this are roof beams and rafters. Together, they form a triangular timber structure that supports the roofing.

Roof trusses are vertical sections of timber that are usually spaced at regular intervals, and their size and spacing are somewhat dictated by the weight of the roof above them. They are connected to each other by longitudinal wooden elements called purlins. The space between individual timber trusses is called a span.

Why is it necessary to replace the roof truss? Occasionally damage can occur, usually associated with extreme weather events such as storms or high winds. A falling tree can irreversibly damage the roof truss, which means that it needs to be replaced. The other most common cause of roof truss damage is water ingress, which usually occurs over a period of time and sometimes remains hidden to the homeowner. This is more typical in older or historic properties where the truss ends are on or in load-bearing walls and are therefore more exposed to moisture.

Sometimes roof trusses start to fail because they simply carry too much weight, so the roofing material is too heavy for the size, grade and specification of the wood.

It is always important when replacing your roofing to choose a tile or slate that the truss can hold. This problem is sometimes seen when the roof begins to sag, although it can also be caused by rotting caused by leaks and water penetration

What is the replacement cost?

The price depends on the type of wood and the size and specification of the wood, but a single truss would not cost more than PLN 2,000.

However, there is a cost to putting the truss in place, so you will need to hire scaffolding to access and remove the roofing, and a crane is usually needed to lower the beam into place. So it will cost at least twice as much to install it.

If more than one truss is replaced, it would be more economical to consider a completely new roof, with all trusses manufactured off-site and lowered into place as a complete unit.

Can the roof truss be repaired? The roof truss or joist can be repaired and the feasibility of repair will depend on the degree of rot and the number of damaged trusses. The truss is repaired by cutting out the rotted wood and then joining it with a new, fresh piece of wood, which is attached to the original joist with high-strength steel rods or metal plates. If rods are used, then the new wood is effectively hollowed out to accommodate the rods, and then the cavity is filled with wood resin.

The truss will need to be propped up while the work is done and this may require the removal of floorboards or attic boards.

Which is better, repair or replacement?

This decision is usually governed by the amount of repair work needed and what the final bill might look like. Sometimes a new roof is the better economic option, especially if there are other roof problems in addition to the roof truss that need to be repaired.

Let’s not forget that we will not only pay for the repair of damaged trusses, we will also have to find the source of the problem and fix it as well. There is no point in repairing or replacing roof beams if water is still seeping in. A new roof costs around $40,000 in the region, and if your repair bill is near the lower end of that range, it may be time to consider a complete new roof.

The price of roof trusses varies depending on the manufacturer. Most homeowners choose wooden trusses because they are durable and cheap. Do I need a building permit to change the roof truss?

A building permit will be needed only if the property is listed as a historic monument or is located in an area under conservation protection. Then, at least a few months are expected for the permit. During this time, it is worth focusing on designing the best roof trusses.

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